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Enfield Memorial Park is located 9km from Adelaide City Centre.  

There are 2 beautiful Chapels the Acacia and Folland that look out onto the

green gardens of Enfield Memorial Park.

The picturesque park offers a range of contemporary, traditional,

and unique burial and cremation options perfect for remembering a life

 and ensuring an enduring legacy for generations to come.

From beautifully manicured lawns, tranquil tree lined areas and native bushland settings,

to traditional headstone and above ground burial sites as well as magnificent

rose gardens perfumed with heady floral blooms, you are sure to find that

special place to remember and be remembered.

Acacia Chapel

Personalised Funerals offer for your consideration the choice of the Acacia Chapel at Enfield Memorial Park which provides seating for 96 mourners and standing for about 25

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