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When Someone Dies

At Home

If the death occurs at home call the deceased’s doctor.

If the doctor cannot attend then the family needs to call Police and Ambulance.

If in any case you are unsure of who to notify or what to do, call 1300 839 456

and we will assist you in notifying the appropriate services.

At Nursing Home or Hospital

When a death occurs in a care facility such as a nursing home or hospital, the professional staff will notify you and the necessary authorities.

If you have provided the care facility our name they will contact us and we will take you loved one into our care.

 However, we suggest you contact us on 1300 839 456 to ensure we have been notified of your loved one's death.

Sudden or Unexpected Death

If a death is sudden, accidental, or the cause of death cannot be confirmed, it is the Doctor’s responsibility to notify the police on 000.

In these cases, it is important the deceased is not moved or disturbed in any way.

The Coroner will then investigate and determine the cause of death, which may involve a postmortem examination.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can liaise with the Coroner’s Court. 

Where can I have a Funeral

A Funeral can be held at any venue of your choice for example:

  • Sporting Clubs

  • National Parks

  • Community Halls

  • Private Family Homes

  • Gardens

  • Beach

There are chapels available at Centennial Park and Enfield Memorial Park.

Bereavement Benefit

You may be eligible for Bereavement Payment if either:

For some payments, such as Carer Payment, Wife Pension and Partner Allowance, the payment may continue for 14 weeks following the death to give you time to seek other income support if necessary.

Death of a Veteran - Veteran's Affairs Benefit

A Funeral Benefit is a one-off payment made by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to assist toward the funeral costs of veterans and, in some cases, their dependants.

The benefit is payment for the cost associated in the burial or cremation of remains.

A Funeral Benefit payment comprises:

  • up to $2000 towards the funeral costs of an eligible veteran or dependant who died on or after 1 July 2007;

  • up to $1000 towards the funeral costs of an eligible veteran or dependant who died on or before 30 June 2007;

  • up to $572 towards the funeral costs of an eligible veteran who died on or before 30 June 2004.

How can I obtain a Death Certificate

Death certificates are often needed when people are finalising the estate of a family member or friend. Personalised Funerals will complete all the government requirements on your behalf.

The certified copy of the Death Certificate can take up to 3 weeks to receive from the date of the funeral.

In the case of a Coroner's matter you will receive an interim Death Certificate with no cause of death.

The Coroner may take up to 9 months before a Death Certificate is issued with the cause of Death.

Any further questions please contact Personalised Funerals on 1300 839 456.

Questions and Answers

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